Less than a decade after Mississippi became the country’s 20th state, settlers carved out a 700-square mile of pine forests and streams for a new county in 1826. They named it Jones County after John Paul Jones, the early American Naval hero who rose from humble Scottish origin to military success during the American Revolution.

The local economic base is driven mainly by Manufacturing and the Service Sector. The oil industry is very important to Jones County’s economy as well. Jones County continues to grow both economically and in population. This has allowed the County to maintain a steady growth in tax revenues without a significant tax increase. The County government tax rate has increased an average of only 4% over the last 10 years.

The steady growth of industry, education, and culture has given rise to an ethnically-diverse population of over 65,000 inhabitants. One hundred and eighty years of progress has produced people proud of their heritage and eager to go further. Jones County is located in southeastern Mississippi along Interstate I-59.



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