Tina Gatlin-Byrd

Tina Gatlin-Byrd – Tax Assessor-Collector


Collecting Department:

  • Collecting and administering property taxes, fees, commissions, and other payments for Jones County.
  • Motor vehicle titling and registration.
  • Mobile home titling and registration.
  • Issuing county privilege licenses.
  • Tax sales, bankruptcy claims, civil suits, and judgments.

Homestead Department:

  • Receiving, processing, and verifying homestead exemption applications.

Appraisal/Mapping Department:

  • Platting deeds, classifying land, and updating changes in property ownership.
  • Setting a value on new structures and land.
  • Maintaining value on existing properties.
  • Data entry of all property changes, additions, and deletions.
  • Preparing compliance studies and appraisal update requirements.



Collecting Department
Phone: 601-477-3261
Fax: 601-477-3042

Homestead Department
Phone: 601-477-3253

Physical Address
101 North Court Street Suite A
Ellisville, MS 39437

Mailing Address
101 North Court Street Suite A
Ellisville, MS 39437


Collecting Department
Phone: 601-426-3248
Fax: 601-428-3102

Homestead Department
Phone: 601-428-3100

Real Property Appraisal Department
Phone: 601-649-1636

Personal Property Appraisal Department
Phone: 601-428-3101

Mapping Department
Phone: 601-428-3603

Physical Address
501 North 5th Ave
Laurel, MS 39441

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 511
Laurel, MS 39441

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